Song Lyrics: Sugarboy ft. Ycee – Chop

G-Worldwide Entertainment sensation, Sugarboy made his year 2018 debut with his amazing collaborative effort with Tinny Entertainment leading act, Ycee titled “Chop”.

That was his first ever collaboration with an artist outside his record label, one that got him feeling so excited to have seen his record label lift the restriction on their artist – from collaborating with other industry artists.

Chop was produced by hot emerging producer, Princeton and below is the full lyrics to the amazing effort. Get the audio HERE, play and sing along using the easy to learn lyrics (below).


Lyrics: Chop by Sugarboy feat. Ycee

[Intro – Sugarboy]
G-Worldwide, Sugarboy yeah
Around the world ayayaya, can’t find my baby oh

[Verse 1 – Sugarboy]
First cut is the deepest
My first love she be my princess
Can’t get enough of you
Why? Everything pass me love to you
All day, ima ima
All day, ima ima
Many things you do to me, nwanyoma

Na who work go chop oh
I no like wahala oh
Na who see dey talk oh
I no like wahala oh
Cuz you dey seize me when you touch me
Love me oh baby no runaway
I like the way you dey kiss me, squeeze me
But make you no runaway

[Verse 2 – Sugarboy]
Been around the world ayayaya, can’t find my baby oh
Been around the world ayayaya, you drive me crazy oh
Catch the vibe, get the feeling
You see my girl, she like to ride, she like the feeling

[Verse 3 – YCee]
Oh Lord have mercy
They no dey telly person
My life goin to chop my brother no kill any person
Kilo kon mi? Ma fo no ro mi? Enyi owan mummy? Komole, no dey dull me
Hip hop hurray, o diri o diri yeah, ori go go o wan gbe eh, leg over e mo ti be

[Bridge – Sugarboy]
I dey live my life, make you live your own
I don’t want your opinion, brother keep your own

[Repeat Hook]

I no like wahala oh
I no like wahala oh
Emperor Geezy

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