Shane Eagle Releases AKA Diss Track | Listen & Download

One of South Africa’s Hip-Hop/Rap Music top dogs, Shane Eagles has dropped a new record which he called “Gustavo”. The new effort appears to be a diss track on his fellow SA rapper, AKA.

If you have been an active social networker and follower of both hip hop moguls, would be aware of their over heated exchanges lately that’s an indication of bad blood between the two.

Shane has taken his feud into music with Gustavo, cryptically siding with Cassper Nyovest while throwing jabs at AKA whom he referred in the song as Pablo: “I fuck with Gustavo way more than I do with Pablo”.

Couple trophies on the shelf/ Nigga, your shit ain’t real/ Nigga, your bitch wasn’t real/ Nigga, that paper won’t last/ You think that album gon’ last?/ Man, that shit so trash/I’m just all up in my bag/ Only gonna talk about it this one time, then we leave it in the past/ Move the fuck up outta my way/ Ain’t you 30 and some change?/ No, it’s not easy seeing you nigga coming off your place/ You was talking online/ Then you fell for the bait/ Now, it’s over for you, nigga/ Over for you, no debate.”

Going by the lyrics after series of long deleted exchange between the two on social media which saw Shane acted in disrespect to AKA earlier claim of making it without a label after his latest “Touch My Blood” album shoot gold in a week space, and AKA being 30-years old, you sure need not to be convinced further that Shane has join the queue on AKA enemies.

While we wait on AKA reaction, listen to the song below, like, share and leave a comment.



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