Rapper Sauce Kid Gains Freedom After Serving His 2-Years Jail Term (Watch Video)

US Based Nigerian Rapper, Sauce Kid (aka Sinzu) Has Finally Gained His Freedom From Prison After 2-Years

Babalola Falemi, known by his stage name Sauce Kid and also Sinzu, is a Nigerian rapper based in United States of America, who was reported earlier last year of being imprisoned in US for an alleged possession of card-encoding device and a cash sum of $6,000.

Charged with credit card theft of $15,000, he was sentenced to 2-years in prison in 2016 and was lately granted freedom after serving the jail term.

Prior to his freedom, fellow Nigerian musician to have fallen into similar situation last year, leader of Wordstar Inc, Dammy Krane, released a song calling for the rapper’s freedom – “Free Sinzu”.

The charges on Sinzu identified the rapper to have been involved in stealing people’s credit cards, clone it and uses them for purchases.

This was not the first time the rapper have been in such scenario as he was previously arraigned with eight counts charges, each of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.

He pleaded guilty to one of the counts of aggravated identity theft and the prosecutors dismissed the other charges exchange for the guilty plea.

Check out video of the lately freed rapper from prison below:


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