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ICYMI: Publiseer Selected as One of The 100 Most Innovative and Promising African Startups

ICYMI: Publiseer Selected as One of The 100 Most Innovative and Promising African Startups

Nigerian digital content distribution platform, Publiseer, has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative and promising African startups to attend the fully funded Africa Moves Summit in Tunisia. In a press release by Africa Moves, “the selection was carefully made from a pool of over 100 applications by a jury of experts.” The jury included over 24 people from around the world with different backgrounds, such as venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, and startup ecosystem leaders.

The selected startups will exclusively get a free turnkey exhibition stand at the Africa Moves Summit, fully paid flight and accommodation, and access to all conferences and panels at the Summit. The Africa Moves Summit gathers 8,000 industry leaders, startups and investors from around Africa and the world to build meaningful connections.

Publiseer is a digital content distribution platform that lets independent African writers and musicians, typically from low-income communities, publish, protect, promote and monetize their creative works on 400+ partner stores in 100 countries, at no charge, with a single click. Since inception, Publiseer has helped over 2,100 African creatives to monetize their creative works worldwide, and for their impact, they’ve emerged the first place winner in the OpportunityDesk Impact Challenge and won the Startup World Cup Nigeria Regional Competition.

Below are the startups that made the list and their benefits:

Exclusive Benefits:
• A free turnkey exhibition stand
• Flights, accommodation and catering
• Access to all conferences and panels
• Startups and Investors pitches

(1) 4scholars, Nigeria, HR/Training/Education
(2) Abossey Okai Online, Ghana, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(3) Africa Evergreen Corporations, Yaoundé, Food
(4) AfricaSokoni, Kenya, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(5) AFRIKA SOLAR, Bamako, Energy
(7) Appy, Angola, Health
(8) AYWAJIEUNE, Senegal, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(9) Bakeli by volkeno, Senegal, HR/Training/Education
(10) Be Wireless Solutions, Tunisia, Information Technologies
(11) Best Digital Books, Lomé-TOGO, HR/Training/Education
(12) Bigcel limited, Nigeria, Food
(13) Billet Express, Mali, Mobility/Transportation
(14) Biofire, Tunisia, Energy
(15) Bismart Insurance, Kenya, Banking/Finance/Insurance
(16) Bitmama, Nigeria, Other
(17) Bitsweaver, Ghana, Software development/Cloud services
(18) BONGA Co Ltd, Cameroon, Energy
(19) Bongo, Tanzania, Telecom/Connectivity
(20) CEPHAS TECHNOLOGIES SARL, Bénin, Software development/Cloud services
(21) Chil-Artificial Intelligence Lab, Uganda, Health
(22) Zuoix Company Ltd, Cameroon, Cyber Security/Defence
(23) CompiTechnology/AKALA, Tunisia (Sfax), Health
(24) Cote d’ivoire drone, Côte d’Ivoire, Other
(25) CUIMER, Maroc, Industry
(26) Dechets a L’Or, Guinea, Other
(27) DentaCarts, Egypt, Health
(28) DIGIARTWORK, Tunisie, Marketing/Advertising/Communication
(29) Digital Life’s Good (DILIGO), Burkina Faso, Information Technologies
(30) Djara Group Limited, Ghana, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(31) Dokita Eyes International, Lomé, Health
(32) Dondosha Desy, Tanzania, Media/Entertainment/Culture
(33) DriversNG Imole Ezekiel, Nigeria, Mobility/Transportation
(34) Driversng.com, Nigeria, Mobility/Transportation
(35) Droidfx Technologies, Malawi, Software development/Cloud services
(36) E-farms, Nigeria, Banking/Finance/Insurance
(37) E-SOUKLOU, Côte d’Ivoire, HR/Training/Education
(38) Ecodome Maroc, Casablanca, Smart City/Building
(39) eMart.cd, RDCONGO (Kinshasa), Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(40) Eversend, France, Banking/Finance/Insurance
(41) Face2face Africa, United States, Media/Entertainment/Culture
(42) FEUZE SAS, Mali, Information Technologies
(43) FivePoints (The Talent Pool), France, HR/Training/Education
(44) Foodlocker Limited, Nigeria, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(45) Genius Centers, Cameroon, HR/Training/Education
(46) GoMyCode, Tunis, Information Technologies
(47) Health Direct Global, Ghana, Information Technologies
(48) House of Uwe, Nigeria, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(49) InstaDeep, Tunisia, Information Technologies
(50) iyiebo, Cape town, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(51) KASI INSIGHT, Canada, Information Technologies
(52) Kisasa Brands, South Africa, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(53) Kitovu Technology Company, Nigeria, Food
(54) Kpeiz Digital, Tunisia (Tunis), Software development/Cloud services
(55) Lentera Limited, Kenya, Other
(56) Livestock247.com, Nigeria, Information Technologies
(57) Lucy.ng, Nigeria, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(58) marKoub.ma, Morocco, Mobility/Transportation
(59) Mastery, Morocco, Telecom/Connectivity
(60) MaxiCash, Congo (DRC), Banking/Finance/Insurance
(61) Neza Reservations, Rwanda, Hospitality/Tourism/Travel
(62) Nocofio, Ghana, Investment
(63) Ogaan Limited, Kenya, HR/Training/Education
(64) optimalogistic, Tunisia, Mobility/Transportation
(65) OuiCare, Cameroon, Health
(66) Point Of Sales For Africa Technologies Limited, Nigeria,
(67) Powrlogistic, Sfax, Mobility/Transportation
(68) Publiseer, Nigeria, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(69) SAHITNA, Tchad, Software development/Cloud services
(70) SALUBATA, Nigeria, Luxury/Fashion/Beauty
(71) schoolap, Democratic Republic of Congo, HR/Training/Education
(72) SESACO LIMITED, Uganda, Food
(73) Shems For Lighting Zakaria, Morocco, Energy
(74) SkoolDesk, Uganda, Software development/Cloud services
(75) Smartphorce Holding, Côte d’Ivoire, Other
(76) Social Lender, Nigeria, Banking/Finance/Insurance
(77) Société Bus Software, Sousse, Software development/Cloud services
(78) SOLARPAK, Abidjan, Energy
(79) SOSHUB, Tanzania, Information Technologies
(80) StarNews Mobile, Côte d’Ivoire, Media/Entertainment/Culture
(81) Studio Making ON, Abidjan, Media/Entertainment/Culture
(82) Swiftly, Ghana, Mobility/Transportation
(83) TaxiJet, Côte d’Ivoire (Abidjan ), Mobility/Transportation
(84) Tikkeo, Gabon, Software development/Cloud services
(85) Tirhal, Sudan, Mobility/Transportation
(86) Tupuca, Angola, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(87) Turnkey Ledger, Tunisia, Personal Services
(88) Ugabus Limited, Uganda, Mobility/Transportation
(89) UniQ Soft Technology, Tunisia, Software development/Cloud services
(90) ZENAPI, Côte d’Ivoire – ABIDJAN, Other
(91) Zinbiss-yaar, Burkina Fasso, Consumer goods/Retail/E-commerce
(92) WOFAGROUP, Guinea, Health
(93) TWAA, Tanzania, ECommerce
(94) Loystar, Nigeria, Consumer goods/ Retail/ E-commerce
(95) JOBJACK, South Africa, HR/Training/Education
(96) iCog-Labs, Ethopia, Software Development/Cloud Service
(97) Green Charcoal Uganda, Uganda, Energy
(98) Green Studio, Information Technologies, Cabo Verde
(99) Golden papi, Cameroon, Software development/Cloud services
(100) DeMars, Mauritius, Banking/Finance/Insurance

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