Blessing Emenike – Amanam (You’ve Done Well) Lyrics

Check out the lyrics to Blessing Emenike latest effort, a gospel piece given the title “Amanam (You’ve Done Well)”.

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Amanam (You’ve Done Well) Lyrics

Ukara Jesus sosong sia-fe
Mu tie tewo tie de
Bo ekom

[Verse 1]
Great is the lord
Great is your mercy
For all you’ve done for me
I give you the praise
Great are you lord
Great is your mercy
You are the convenant keeping God.
I give you the praise

Amanam, Amanam
Amanam eyen abasi amanam
Call: Everybody sing
Resp: Amanam
Call: We give you praise
Resp: Amanam
Call: You alone hath worthy
Resp: Amanam, eyen abasi amanam(Sosong)

[Verse 2]
Many are the afflictions of the righteous
But when they run to you, they are saved
You are the water that never runs dry
Your word is ye and amen.
In the morning, lord you are so good
In the noon time, lord you’ve been there for me
That’s why i’ve come to praise your name
Abasi edidem sosong oo

Back To Chorus -(Amanam)

Call: And we say
Resp: Sosong
Call: We bless your name
Resp: Sosong
Call: We give you praise
Resp: Sosong
Call: For everything
Resp: Song, Amanam
Call: You have done for us, eh, thank you, Jesus, thank you,
Resp: Eyen abasi amanam sosong
Call: Andiyana, Andipeme, Andiboro akam, Andino uwem
We thank you God,
Ooooh yeah eeh eeh
Resp: Amanam, eyen abasi amanam sosong
Lead: I will bless the lord at all times and his praises,
shall continually be in my mouth.
Oh lord, i lift your name higher
Thank you lord for your mercy
Ye e ye eeh eeh eeh
Resp: Amanam, eyen abasi amanam sosong.

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