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Listen Young Paris’ Album “Blood Diamond”, Launch Concert July 5th

Listen Young Paris' Album "Blood Diamond", Launch Concert July 5th

Young Paris, one of Africa’s very best diasporean music recording artist, entertainer and fashionista of France nativity but of Congo descent, was out roughly a month ago with the follow up album to “My Tribe“, his last year fifteen (15) track album.

Exactly a year after updating us with the sophomore album, The Tribe front man makes it three with “Blood Diamond” and is set to entertain everyone around with the album first ever launch party coming Friday, 5th of July, 2019 live at the Sound of Brazil (SOB) in the Hudson Square, 204 Varick St, New York, NY 10014, USA.

Ticket for the concert is available at SOBS.COM. Click HERE to grab your ow ticket for the hot on list music concert by one of afrobeat star.

Projecting the culture of his origin Africa, born of Congolese parent, Young Paris has a strong message with this new body of work that houses nine solid tracks, kicking in with the song of same title as the album, “Blood Diamond”, then “Murcielago“, “Girlfriend“, “Juicy“, “Hard Way“, “Tina“, “Like That“, “Gasoline” and wraps with “Good Enough“.

Blood Diamond highlights the journey of an African boy from… Congo that traveled to the United States and made a name for himself,” – the artist’s team writes in a press statement.

Young Paris translates himself as the precious stone, unrecognized by the world until he was properly cut and polished like that of a diamond from the many conflict areas throughout Africa, specifically Congo where his family is from.”

The album is available on all digital outlets worldwide and can be streamed using the spotify and apple music java player below.

Click to Download The LP

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