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A Look Inside Jack Rooster’s Debut Producer Album – “NYUMBA”

A Look Inside Jack Rooster’s Debut Producer Album - “NYUMBA”

In case you have been living under a rock and are not yet aware that the Multi-Talented Producer/DJ, Radio Host and Musician Jack Rooster is just about to release his debut Producer Album, a first in the History of Music as it is the only Kenyan House Album ever released featuring purely Kenyan talent.

Aptly titled “NYUMBA” which means House in most African languages, this album promises to be a major milestone in the History of Kenyan and African Music.

The award winning Producer and DJ has been the leading evangelist of Kenyan House for the past 9 years and has worked tirelessly on his Podcast, Radio Show, Live Gigs and Productions to ensure that the Kenyan House and African House sounds spread far and wide. Jack believes that House Music is the ultimate unifier of the African people.

Let’s take a look at what can be found inside Jack’s House.
The album opens with the title track “NYUMBA” which features Kikuyu folk singers with a backdrop of thunder and rain; it takes the listener on an epic and authentically Kenyan journey. It is then followed by Chuck Robert’s iconic “My House” sermon speech first used in 1987 and later sampled by Chicago House legend Mr Fingers (Larry Heard) the following year. The speech acts as a prophecy to what Jack Rooster has now become in the realm of African House music.

The listener is then teleported into the African dancefloor on “Afrika Disko”. The song features the Decimators (Khuhani, Konkodi, Bon’eye, Brian Nadra and Jack Rooster) and the sultry vocals of the alluring Khuhani, a signee to the legendary Kenyan record label, Decimal Records. This upbeat club banger has the tendency to make you want to move your body and immerse yourself in the uniqueness and vibrancy that is clubbing in Africa.


“Sports Car” is a fine blend of House and HipHop and features the sounds of young Kenyan talents Brian Nadra and HipHop artist Kevin Grands both of whom have made significant strides in the Kenyan underground and mainstream music scenes. This track exemplifies success and oozes good vibes through and through. It’s the kind of song you would listen to after a successful business meeting, coming from attending a class, when on a road trip or even when vibing with friends and family.


Love relations are an everyday aspect of life and on the track “All In”, Jack has been able to express the need for full commitment if one hopes to make their relationships work. Skilfully delivered by the young Kenyan singers Khuhani and Brian Nadra, this song promises to be one of the standout tracks on the album.

Jack dives further into the complexities of relationships on the next track titled “Complicated”. Konkodi and Brian Nadra tag team to give us an amazing blend of Swahili HipHop and RnB riding on a professionally produced House beat.This track is sure to fill dancefloors whenever played out at your favourite venue.


True to his nature,Jack then takes us on an inspiring and uplifting journey on his collaboration with talented songstress Nuru on their track “Siangalii Nyuma” which explores the need to always look into the future optimistically. Nuru showcases her superior songwriting ability and vocal delivery in this masterpiece, which rides on a soulful house beat intertwined with classic Kenyan guitar riffs.

“House Movement ” exemplifies the idea that House is a unifying feeling that will bring the people of Africa together, from the different corners of the continent under one sound. Delivered by the Decimators, this House anthem is sure to find you singing along as we march in unison.

Rooster then takes us back into the club with the album’s lead single “Wamlambez” which is based off of the popular Decimal Records release, “Drinx Na Mayenx”.Bon’eye presents Jack Rooster and The Decimators on this release which has proven to be a breakout hit both in Kenya and Internationally receiving airplay in clubs, online, on radio and on Television screens worldwide. This song continues to bring Joy to many.


How does it feel to be a “Rasta”? Jack Rooster takes us on a journey alongside his friends The Decimators and the amazingly talented Kenyan songstress Terrianne Iraki who you can hear crooning on the hook. This playful song gives a glimpse into the everyday life of a Rasta and what it means to be Rasta.

Love seems to be a key theme on this album as Jack presents another lovely duet this time between Terrianne Iraki and Brian Nadra that paints a picture of a relationship in turmoil and unrequited love. “Castles” is a soulful house song that will take you on a wave of emotion. The use of Kiswahili on this song makes it even more identifiable as an authentically African piece.

There is no better way to close the album than with a revival of the old Kenyan classic released over 25 years ago. Jack sought the blessing of the original composer Sam Muthee and produced his House interpretation of the same.”Dereva” features Jack Rooster’s vocals and speaks on road safety especially in this modern age of Alcoblow and Road Carnage. With this closing track, the Social responsibility box had definitely been checked for this album.

All in all, Jack Rooster has been able to deliver a stellar Kenyan House Album that truly and authentically reflects the Kenyan spirit and vibe. Mixed and Mastered by the legendary Eric Musyoka (Decimal Records), this work of art is destined to stand the test of time and mark its place in the annals of Kenyan Music History.

Jack Rooster shall be hosting a listening party on Saturday June 15th 2019 at Alchemist Bar where physical copies of the album shall be available for purchase. We highly recommend you attend and grab your copy.

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