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Ras Kimono’s Wife, Efe Died After Three Hospitals Refused Her Treatment

Ras Kimono's Wife, Efe Died After Three Hospitals Refused Her Treatment

Wife of lately deceased Nigerian reggae veteran, Ras Kimono has passed away three months after her husband left to the world beyond.

Efemena Okedi, who happens to be Ras Kimono’s third wife, died on early hours of yesterday being Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 after brief illness.

The deceased was noted to be the dearest of the three wives and a soul mate to the late king of Nigerian reggae music.

Many feared of her inability to contain the deep loss after Ras passed away in June and three months on, she fell to the depression as life left her.

Speaking of his mother’s death in an interview with one of Nigeria’s news outlets, NET, Onome Akpobome (stepson to Ras Kimono) revealed the ordeal that probably lead to her death.

On Saturday, we went to the beach for my uncle’s birthday. Nothing went wrong until about 2 a.m when she woke us up to change over because PHCN had brought the light, she then went upstairs and started complaining of chest pain. At this point, she started breathing awkwardly. Her elder sister who is a nurse attended to her and gave her first aid but her breathing was still laboured so we decided to take her to the hospital,” – he said.

Onome revealed how three Lagos based hospitals refused to admit and attend his ailing mother.

First, we went to Blue Cross Hospital at Ogba but the staff we saw were unresponsive. I was shocked to see their unconcerned countenance. When we saw that they were not ready to help us so we left and drove to County Hospital. A doctor saw her there, checked her pulse and said she was still breathing but that they had no facilities to treat her. So he referred us to Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Ikeja.

When we got to Lasuth at about 4 am, they also wasted our time for over 40 minutes and by the time they were ready to treat her, she had stopped breathing. The pain is worse for me because none of the three hospitals treated the case as an emergency. In fact, I have given up on Nigeria because they all had up to three hours to save my mum, how can over three hospitals in Lagos not have the right facility to treat breathing problems?- None of them even had a stretcher, I am just totally done with this country,” – he concluded.

Head of copyright society of Nigeria, Chibueze Okereke, speaking of her death in a telephone interview with Premium Times, said:

We are so shocked to receive the news of Efe’s death this morning. I was told that she attended a function yesterday (Saturday) and displayed no signs of ill health. She got home and after a while complained she was feeling funny. Sadly she passed on before she could be rushed to the hospital. Efe and Ras Kimono were soul mate. It was  impossible to see Kimono without seeing Efe by his side. She managed Kimono’s band and was an artist turned artiste manager“.

May her soul Rest in the Lord… Amen!!!

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